The Shape of Things to Come

Alright, so apparently patience is out of style these days… For those of you who can’t possibly wait to see what the upcoming months will hold in terms of new scents, read on…



Weenies go live September 1st!

Indian Summer (amber, hay, blackberry, peach)
Scrumble (blueberry studded cinnamon coffee cake, yarn)
Smoky Jack (pumpkin, marshmallow, woodsmoke)
Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground reformulated (dry leaves, woodsmoke, frost)
Red Right Hand (blood cherry, burning clove, incense, church bells)
What the Moon Brings (ghost pumpkin, coconut, white lilac, wormwood)
Creeping Horror (citrus, white tea, wet rubber) – spoopy novelty bars only 😉
…and most likely some other surprises along the way!



3 Responses to The Shape of Things to Come

  1. Eva says:

    Pink Sand sounds AMAZING – can’t wait!

  2. Efrat says:

    Intrigued by “What the Moon Brings.” Indian Summer and Crumble. Happy dance!

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