Scent Catalog, Past & Present

Current Limited Editions

*Figs in Honey (Yuletide 2016) –  Succulent Brown Turkey figs gently poached in white honey & green cardamom pods

*Christmas Morning Riot (Yuletide 2015-16) – Maple pecans, chestnuts, brown sugar, spice cake, marmalade, bright clementine orange & a slug of coffee

*Roses in the Snow (Yuletide 2014-16) – So beautiful, so cold… Deep red, velvety rose touched by frost, with fir needle & solemn incense

*The Yuletide Mariner (Yuletide 2010-2016) – The roar of northern seas, lashed by frigid rain, & the memory of spruce boughs hung on far distant shores

*White Snow, Bright Snow (Yuletide 2010-2016) – Sparkling, magical snowflakes brushed with nose-tickling peppermint & the palest vanilla

*Buffalo Plaid (Yuletide 2015-16) – A quiet, competent blend of cedar & pine, tobacco, classic aftershave, worn leather, & bitter eggshell coffee

*Gilt (Yuletide 2015-16) – Glittering golden amber & holy resins set ablaze by hundreds of dripping beeswax candles

*Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground (Weenies 2016, reformulated) – The quiet, introspective side of fall. Woodsmoke, rustling leaves & the dark chill of an autumn night

*The Bees’ Lament (Weenies 2014) – A melancholy autumn blend of pollen-dusted chrysanthemums, scarlet leaves & aged sandalwood, a twist of gardener’s twine & the honeyed musk of bees

Current Regular Catalog

*Afternoons + Eiderdowns – A delicate blend of clementine-scented white tea, sweet yuzu honey & soothing lavender

*Mister Blue Sky – Impossibly blue skies, glittering waves & puffy white clouds swept by fresh breezes

*Halcyon – A rich, sepia-toned blend of aged oak & teakwood, sweet honeysuckle, golden vanilla & ripe pear

*Heima – A chill, Arctic blend of nose-tingling mint, eucalyptus & hardy evergreens touched with ice

*The Englishman – A wickedly proper gentleman’s blend of glossy black leather, Earl Grey tea & peaty tobacco. Emphasis on wicked…

*Blackbird – The flutter of ebony feathers, razor-sharp claws. A proud, iridescent blend of sleek lavender ruffled by dark shadows of patchouli & musk.

*Lavender Truffle – Dutch-process cocoa, bittersweet chocolate, Hungarian lavender & a touch of vanilla

*Sweet Cheeks – Fuzzy ripe apricot cuddles up with sweet vanilla & amber & a touch of white freesia

*Gingermilk – Warm, sweet milk & soothing, sparkling ginger

*Crimson & Clover – Dreamy nag champa incense, cannabis flower & hemp leaf

*The Fusilier – Warm, tweedy wool, ale, well-traveled spices, & a smudge of gun oil

*Rice Pudding – Creamy basmati rice cooked long & slow with vanilla-scented condensed milk & cinnamon sticks

*Cyprus – Noble green cypress & rich moss, waxy olive blossom, ancient sandalwood & musk

*Mandinka – I’m dancing the Seven Veils… A heady & exotic blend of spiced honey, carnation, sandalwood & rich saffron

*Whiskers – Dry, soft sandalwood, soothing vanilla & a trace of fresh air clinging to warm fur

*Nekisse – Deep, rich Ethiopian coffee studded with ripe blueberries & buttery pastry crumbs

Current Hot Process Only Offerings

*The Hermit – A woodsy & wild blend of fir needle, rosemary, cedar & sweet fennel essential oils

*Libby & Lavender – Organic pumpkin, molasses, Hungarian lavender essential oil

*The Natural – A summery, herby lemonade blend of pink grapefruit, Hungarian lavender, lime & litsea cubeba essential oils

*The Crofter’s Bar – A dense, dark slab of sticky patchouli & freshly-dug peat, slaked by black cocoa & brisk tea leaves

*Kid A – Raw grass-fed goat milk, organic carrot juice, poppy seeds, tangerine & cedar wood essential oils

*Second Breakfast – PBSW’s spin on the classic OMH bar, with raw grass-fed goat milk, local honey, & organic oats, unscented

*Buttercup – Sweet blood orange, lavender & ylang ylang essential oils, with soothing cocoa butter, raw goat milk & organic carrot juice

*Clean Slate – Do it clean! Activated charcoal & a blend of tea tree, clary sage, peppermint, lime & lavender essential oils

*Tiger Bar – A minty, spicy, super-exfoliating bar with poppy seeds & pumice

Past Limited Editions & Discontinued Scents

*Red Right Hand (Weenies 2016) – Sickly sweet blood cherry, heavy incense, burnt clove, & iron church bells

*What the Moon Brings (Weenies 2016) – An eerie, heady blend of ghost pumpkin, coconut, white lilac & moonlit wormwood

*Smoky Jack (Weenies 2015) – Warm pumpkin, roasted marshmallows, sweet bonfire smoke & glowing coals

*Scrumble (Weenies 2015) – Moist apple & blueberry coffee cake topped with oaty cinnamon streusel & a twist of yarn

*Creeping Horror (Weenies 2015) – Screeching white tea & sharp citrus pursued by a wet, rubbery, nameless terror

*Indian Summer (Weenies 2011-2015) – Golden amber & heaps of freshly mown hay strewn with windfall peaches & the last of the summer’s blackberries

*Beet It (Weenies 2013-15) – Fresh, blood-red roots & garden soil… A nod to that most maligned of roots, the Noble Beet

*Potting Shed in a Deluge (Spring 2016) – The warm, humid air of the greenhouse, rich with damp soil & growing things & the sudden rain of spring

*Lemony Biscuit (Spring 2014-16) – Tart lemon cream cookies with freshly ground nutmeg & a touch of lemon thyme

*April Fool (Spring 2014-16) – Ripe red strawberries folded into sweetened crème fraiche, with a drizzle of orange flower honey & a dusting of cocoa

*Bramble & Apple (Spring 2013-16) – Wild black currants, ripe blackberries & crisp green apple with a breath of wind off the downs…

*Crickhollow Cottage (Spring 2013-16) – A rambling, cottage-garden blend of blue hydrangea, creamy milk thistle, Earl Grey tea & a twist of ivy

*Sky Blue Sky (March 2011 & 2012, Spring 2014-16) – The scent of spring in the Appalachian Mountains – cold bubbling spring water, flowering magnolia trees, honeysuckle, tender hemlock saplings & blue-sky musk

*Possibly Maybe… (Late Winter 2015-16) – A sensual, intimate blend of creamy pink rose petals & golden amber

*The Summer House (Summer 2014-15) – An herby green jumble of lemon verbena, mint, artemisia, tomato leaf & squash vines, with home grown zucchini & fresh buttermilk

*Prosit! (Yuletide 2015) – Sparkling demi-sec champagne, crisp green pear, syrupy vanilla & cardamom

*Snoggin’ (Yuletide 2011-2015) – Baby, it’s cold outside… Boozy, creamy egg nog spiked with fresh nutmeg & a naughty little twist of blood orange zest


*Hearthside (Yuletide 2012-2015) – Whipped hot chocolate & the heat from a roaring fireplace, with a hint of bayberry & clove-studded oranges    Wax Melts only

*Hiraeth (Weenies 2015) – Spicy autumn leaves & bracken underfoot, wild roses & rose hips, & freshly tilled fields in the evening sun

*Marsh Mud (Summer 2015) – Triple chocolate ice cream, sea salt caramel, chocolate-covered espresso beans & a blast of air conditioning

*Gardensong (Summer 2015) – Sun-warmed kitchen herbs, tomato leaf, peppery pimento & Japanese yuzu

*Pink Sand (Summer 2014-15) – A sunset-beach blend of creamy rice flower & luscious fig awash in crisp white tea & sparkling surf

*Candy Floss revisited (Summer 2013-15) – Sugarspun blackberries folded into lush marshmallow cream & buttery vanilla taffy

*Little Paper Umbrellas (July 2012, Summer 2013-15) – Luscious, ripe mango blended smooth with creamy lychee, lime, melon, red tea & a squirt of scarlet grenadine

*Gooseberry Beach (July 2012, Summer 2013-15) – Balmy salt water, sea kelp & spirulina algae, crisp bamboo & a trace of coolness from wet, dark sand

*The Back Forty (Summer 2013-15) – Freshly cut grass, grapefruity hops, & a cold bottle of Wisconsin farmhouse ale

*Miss Ada (discontinued Summer 2015) – A nostalgic, comforting blend of warm Madagascar & Tahitian vanillas & sweet English violets

*Aquae Sulis  (discontinued Summer 2015) – A crisp, reviving spa blend of bright citrus, cardamom & ancient minerals


*Lavender Snow (Late Winter 2013-15) – Powdery soft, glittering drifts of fresh snow scattered with plump lavender buds

*Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (Yuletide 2014) – A shimmering, decadent bar, smoky, silky & deliciously unisex

*Black Bart (discontinued fall 2014) – Raw black leather with a haze of smoke, sticky fir branches & bitter resins

*Moundshroud (Weenies 2011-2014) – A vaguely luminescent, unsettling blend of freshly-dug grave loam, shadowy patchouli, ancient leather, pimento, balsam & a twist of black licorice. Treat… or trick?

*Guy Fawkes (Weenies 2011-2014) – Penny for the Guy! Sticky parkin & roasted apples washed down with a bottle of oatmeal stout, a waft of smoke & a shower of sparks on the night air

*Punkie Night (Weenies 2012-2014) – Frothy steamed pumpkin milk spiked with rowdy cloves, jittery black tea & a rasp of cinnamon bark

*Big in Japan – A translucent green blend of matcha tea, crisp yuzu & serene sandalwood (discontinued Summer 2014)

*The Olive Tree – An unusual, botanical blend of white olive blossoms, osmanthus & fresh air, grounded by blond woods & a touch of musk (discontinued Summer 2014)

*The Queen is Dead – The Queen is dead! Long live the Queen! Blackened honey, glossy leather & a glittering swirl of smoke rising from the earth… (SBCo exclusive as of summer 2014)

*This Charming Man (v2) – A dapper blend of tobacco flower, bay rum, warm spices & green cardamon pods (discontinued Summer 2014)

*Avast! (July-December 2011, June 2012, Summer 2013 & 2014) – A South Seas blend of fresh coconut milk & green cardamom, a scattering of coffee beans & below-decks musk, & all the gold in Araby…

*High in the 70s (Summer 2013 & 2014) – Cannabis flower, leaf & bud, with a swirl of sticky incense smoke & unrefined hemp oil

*Sweet 100s (May – August 2010, 2011, 2012, Summer 2013 & 2014) – A sappy green scent of tomato leaves & bruised herbs, with a smudge of good earth & sun-warmed cherry tomatoes

*Bluebird in the Lilacs (April 2011 & 2012, Spring 2013 & 2014) – A deeply nostalgic blend of old fashioned lilac blossoms, cool grass & the flutter of wings at twilight  (SBCo exclusive as of summer 2014)

*The Blushing Heart (Spring 2012, Late Winter 2013 & 2014) – Coy rose petals & sweet milk hide an exotic heart of fragrant lychee & pink grapefruit  (SBCo exclusive as of summer 2014)

*Pants Relief Elixir (discontinued January 2012, resurrected Late Winter 2014) – Sometimes, Life hands you pants. Wash it all away with calming chamomile, bergamot & clary sage

*O Tannenbaum (Yuletide 2013) – Fresh boughs of Canadian Balsam hung with orange pomanders

*The Victorious Sun (mid-winter 2011-2013) – A welcome blast of mid-winter sunshine! Juicy lemon verbena, sweet frankincense & warming black pepper

*This Charming Man (discontinued spring 2013) – A dapper yet unpretentious blend of tobacco flower, warm & exotic spices & green cardamon pods

*Silken Peony (discontinued spring 2013) – Huge blowsy blossoms with ruffled pale pink petals, blushing sweet.

*White Cotton Sheets  (discontinued fall 2013) – Sometimes the simplest things are the best. Breezy white florals, dry musk, hawthorn & a touch of ozone

*Lady Linden (discontinued fall 2013) – A bright spa blend of crisp green tea leaves, delicate linden blossoms & freshly ironed sheets

*Wye Valley Cider (Weenies 2013) – A warm, sunlit autumn blend of sweet ripe pear, hard country cider & clove

*Mother Winter (January 2012 & Late Winter 2013) – Snow-white freesias blossoming over a bed of spicy-sweet pepperberries & sprigs of woody thyme

*Comfort & Joy (Yuletide 2010-2012) – Buttery rich gingerbread fresh from the oven, warm farmhouse apple cider, golden saffron & rosy cheeks

*Poinsetta (Yuletide 2010-2012) – Sparkling champagne bubbling up through tart, rosy red cranberry

*Pick-a-Duck (June 2011, 2012) – Pick a duck, try your luck! A riotously sweet carnival blend of sticky strawberry taffy, fried dough & Cracker Jack & a swirl of smoke from darkened tents  (SBCo exclusive as of summer 2014)

*Victoria Sponge (May 2012) – Tart, ruby-red raspberry jam sandwiched between impossibly light layers of vanilla-scented cake

*The Immaculate Confection (March 2011 & 2012) – Gluttony at its finest! A truly sinful blend of dark chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, toasted hazelnut, vanilla bean & tooth-achingly sweet honeycomb candy, grounded by a waft of sandalwood incense  (RHW exclusive as of summer 2014)

*The Black Heart (Valentine’s 2011 & 2012) – Rich Turkish coffee & cocoa envelop a bitter heart of deep patchouli & black pepper

*The Frozen Heart (Valentine’s 2011 & 2012) – Slushy white tea encases a glittering heart of arctic red raspberry

*Beet It (discontinued January 2012) – A nod to that most maligned of roots, the Noble Beet. Earthy, musky, bitter-sweet & surprisingly naughty 😉

*The Man in the Moon (discontinued January 2012) – Twinkling blue musk, Hungarian lavender & cuddly vanilla bean

*Smiling Jack (Weenies 2010 & 2011) – A warm, glowing blend of spiced pumpkin, dripping beeswax & amber, with a devilish jolt of coffee

*Cicada (August 2011) – A cool, green, buzzy blend of kaffir lime leaf, icy white tea & soda bubbles, with a drop of green amber & sweet melon juice

*Downpour (April 2011) – Sheets of cold spring rain on grey sidewalks, wet ferns, damp earth, & a breath of hyacinth & white cyclamens.

*A Walk in the Woods (discontinued May 2011)- Lush ferns & moss underfoot, the sun filtering through the trees, a juicy green apple in hand

*Orange Crush (discontinued March 2010, resurrected April 2012) – A fizzy, juicy kick in the pants. Yuzu, ginger, citrus & a bit of musk

*Resolution (discontinued March 2010, resurrected April 2012) – The smell of a clean start & the best of intentions. Bracing notes of grapefruit, juniper & citron

*Indian Summer (Weenies 2010) – Sun-warmed hay & dried grasses, crisp red apples, ripe figs & a brush of ginger
*Beach Glass (July 2010, 2011) – Cool turquoise waves burbling over sun-warmed pebbles, with an exotic squirt of passionfruit
*Candy Floss (June 2010) – Sugarspun blackberries folded into lush marshmallow cream with a mysterious hint of sandalwood & vanilla
*Huck (March 2010) – The scent of childhood, all roly poly, pell mell, tumble bumble – juicy-sweet huckleberries & fresh grass ground into tiny knees
*The Sweetheart (Valentine’s 2010) – Pink vanilla & amber hide a candy-sweet heart of cranberry & yuzu
*Hoarfrost (discontinued November 2010) – Glittering peppermint, spruce & eucalyptus to chase away the even the hottest days of summer
*The Grotto (discontinued November 2010) – A deep, cool blend of damp moss & heady tuberose
*Fantasticake (discontinued July 2010) – What’s better than cake? Fantasticake! Rum-soaked vanilla cake with a bit of almond, a slash of orange peel, & a touch of spices
*Fresh Zucchini Flower (discontinued May 2010) – A delicately sweet, musky blend with a brush of fresh grass
*Downpour (discontinued May 2010) – Sheets of cool spring rain on warm sidewalks, wet ferns, & a breath of hyacinth & white cyclamens


2 Responses to Scent Catalog, Past & Present

  1. Shirley says:


    I am on your site and looking for a list of your products, specifically the soap called:
    Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

    Looks great and will probably purchase.

    Do you have a products listing on your website???


  2. Hayley says:

    Hi, Shirley! You can find all of my products at 🙂

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