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She Blinded Me With Science, or Is My Lotion Really Going to Give Me Cancer?

Working on a tiny midwinter update & doing some light reading 😉 This article’s a few years old, but raises some interesting data regarding mineral oil-based moisturizers & tumor growth: Tumorigenic Effect of Some Commonly Used Moisturizing Creams when Applied … Continue reading

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Make It Your Damn Self: Laundry Soap

Strap on those aprons, my little house elves! I posted a picture of my home made laundry detergent the other day & was besieged by requests for the recipe, so here we go! First, though, let’s talk about why we’d … Continue reading

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A word on FDA regulations, or Why I Can’t Cure Your Pentapox…

Originally posted on paintboxsoapworks:
Buckle in, kids, this post’s a heavy one… Some of you may remember my venting a bit on Twitter a few weeks ago about trying to help a fellow seller navigate the waters of FDA regulations.…

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Treasury Time: Snips & snails & puppy dog tails…

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Hello world!

Pardon the dust… I’ll be up & prattling on about soap & whatnot shortly.

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