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I'm a trained pastry chef, DIY queen & mother with my heart in west England, my soul in Chicago, & my feet in south-central PA. Paintbox Soapworks was born out of my love for handicraft, beautiful fragrances & clean hands. I play around with colors & scents & soothe my insomnia by dreaming up new ideas. I pull heavily from music (Waits, White Stripes, Wilco), books (Tolkien, the avalanche of children's books in C's room) & my own fertile imagination.

She Blinded Me With Science, or Is My Lotion Really Going to Give Me Cancer?

Working on a tiny midwinter update & doing some light reading 😉 This article’s a few years old, but raises some interesting data regarding mineral oil-based moisturizers & tumor growth: Tumorigenic Effect of Some Commonly Used Moisturizing Creams when Applied … Continue reading

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20K Gold, or How I Sold a Truly Ridiculous Amount of Soap on Etsy, or The Part Where She Bangs on the Table A Lot

Well, kids, here it is, the day I hit 20 THOUSAND sales in my Etsy shop! What. The. HECK. When I opened my shop 5 1/2 years ago, I never expected to sell more than a few bars of soap, … Continue reading

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So long, 2014!

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! After a week & a half of sloth & indolence, I couldn’t take it anymore & am spending the day in my happy place – making soap. BLISS. I wanted to take a minute to … Continue reading

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Make It Your Damn Self: Laundry Soap

Strap on those aprons, my little house elves! I posted a picture of my home made laundry detergent the other day & was besieged by requests for the recipe, so here we go! First, though, let’s talk about why we’d … Continue reading

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Hanging out with How I Pinch a Penny!

My friend Sarah, the tireless force of nature behind How I Pinch a Penny, invited me to her couch to talk all things Etsy, self employment, micro business and more! Check out two smart women talking shop & working the … Continue reading

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Selling out without selling out

So hey, I just wanted to publicly thank everyone for what is amounting to a a batshit INSANE opening week to the 2014 Weenie season. Seriously, that’s a whole lot of soap, & I am incredibly grateful for your enthusiasm … Continue reading

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Shakin’ it up, shakin’ it up!

Yeah, I know. A blog post! I’m as surprised as you are… Happy summer, my little campers! You’ve been keeping me hopping this year, & for that I am eternally grateful! Every few months, I take a hard look at … Continue reading

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