Goats & butter, oh my…

So, it seems everyone likes the Goats Milk Cream & the Lavender & Honey Butter – I’ve nearly sold out of the initial run! Thank you everyone for giving these a try, & for your invaluable feedback.

And now, you get to help me decide where to go from here… I’ll be restocking both products in the upcoming weeks (with new gloss labels, huzzah!), & would love to hear which scents you’d like to see.

Goats Milk Cream can, in theory, be done in any of my general catalog scents, & I’d be willing to do a Limited Edition scent or two in it for the fall & winter. Sweet Cheeks was the clear favorite out of the first run – what other scents would you like to see get goated up?

The Body Butter is trickier, as it’s made with lavender hydrosol & essential oil, & thus has an assertive lavender scent from the very start. Shall I just stick with the beeswax & honey scent, or would you like to see a Lavender Truffle/Blackbird/Man in the Moon version? I also have a green tea butter that I’m toying with, for the non-lavender-lovers… maybe with a bit of jasmine or cherry/plum blossom?

Thoughts, ideas or requests? Leave a comment! And thanks…


About Hayley

I'm a trained pastry chef, DIY queen & mother with my heart in west England, my soul in Chicago, & my feet in south-central PA. Paintbox Soapworks was born out of my love for handicraft, beautiful fragrances & clean hands. I play around with colors & scents & soothe my insomnia by dreaming up new ideas. I pull heavily from music (Waits, White Stripes, Wilco), books (Tolkien, the avalanche of children's books in C's room) & my own fertile imagination.
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14 Responses to Goats & butter, oh my…

  1. Cam Collins says:

    I would love to see a non-lavender body butter. I love body butter, as I have super dry skin, but I am not a lavender fan. Green tea sounds really nice. Of course, I would also like anything in Avast! It’s my new fave.

  2. Michael Agan says:

    I haven’t even tried the slip yet, but since I KNOW I’ll get dried out in NY this winter, any of the more masculine scents would be great.

    and for the body butter, have you thought about doing something with an orange hydrosol / EO blend?

  3. Kate Amirault says:

    I would definitely love to see Blackbird in the butter. As for the goats milk one, how about Dead Leaves, or Man in the Moon? I’d love to see some of your LEs, too. Thinking back on some past LEs around fall/winter, Indian Summer, Comfort & Joy, Yuletide Mariner, maybe Smiling Jack…

  4. empresspixie says:

    GFM! GFM! GFM!

    I would love to see some GFM in a thicker cream. I generally only go for thicker creams (though Avast! was charming enough to convince me to go for some Slip) and would love, love to see something more masculine or neutral.

  5. MotherKat says:

    1 vote for Lavender truffle! And I would -love- to see some non-lavender based butters.

  6. Mimi says:

    I vote for Man in the Moon 🙂

  7. Anna Kim says:

    I say Gingermilk! And if possible, resurrect Fantasticake, because it’s just so fantastic~ 🙂

  8. LondonMUgirl says:

    Dead Leaves…, This Charming Man or Big In Japan please. Would worship you always and (continue to) shamelessly pimp your stuff for Avast in the Goats Milk, although I know that’s not general catalogue.

  9. Jesse says:

    Gingermik! Gingermilk!

  10. Valerie says:

    Lavender Truffle for sure!!!!!

  11. steph says:

    Gingermilk! And how about a coconut/vanilla/vetiver combo as well?

  12. Sarah says:

    Can Victorious Sun become buttery? I would love it in the formula if you think it fits…

    Also, I have to echo the non-lavender butter requesters; I’m in the same boat! Green tea does sound amazing!!!

  13. Nurul says:

    Lavender Truffle has my vote as well 🙂

  14. Also echoing NON-LAVENDER butters.

    I’d love to see the Queen is Dead, The Englishman, and Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground. I appreciate the slips, but they just are too thin, and don’t carry enough fragrance with them.

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